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This little guy was welcomed into the world last month by his 3 brothers! I know he is never going to have a dull moment during his childhood. He is such a looker too, I’m sure the girls will be outnumbering the boys in this house during their teenage years too ;)

Mom and dad already have their order, but I couldn’t resist posting a few from his session.







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I’ve been quite the busy bee over here , between shoots and just life in general with 3 kids. Having 3 boys in this house is serious madness! Add a massive computer virus to the mix and it’s been an interesting month or so.

I’m going to attempt to catch up on blogging old sneak peaks here and try to blog more regularly, even if it is about the weather, what I ate for lunch, or about a book I’m reading.

Below is a photo of Adam. Adam is the son of my husband’s business partner and close friend. He is only 2 weeks younger than my youngest, Isaac. I have a feeling they are going to grow up and be best buds ;)


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