14 day old miracle

January 21, 2011

I have been meaning to blog about Mason for about a week now, but words always escaped me. Seeing him today gave me the little boost I needed.

When my dear friend Amy found out she was pregnant with her second child, Mason, I was over the moon happy for her. Amy and George had struggled with infertility issues for quite a long time before Mason was conceived, so I was a little more than anxious for his arrival during her pregnancy. ;)

During her 23 week anatomy scan,  the dr. found a hole in Mason’s heart. It was shortly after discovered that he had several issues with his little heart that would need to be fixed after he was born. Mason was born on January 6th, but Amy likes to consider his real birthday as January 10th, the day his heart was fixed <3

He is at Children’s hospital in Los Angeles right now, recovering from surgery and dealing with some respiratory issues. You can read all about his journey here (his mom and dad are awesome about keeping friends and family updated with their blog!) I had the chance to visit him again today, and he is one strong little boy. I cannot wait to see him go home and meet his older brother. (hopefully very soon!)

Here is a photo of Amy’s first time seeing Mason on his birthday (I was lucky enough to be allowed in the c section room!


And here are a few of Mason today, 14 days later.



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Share and Enjoy:

April C: Amazing story! Beautiful little boy!!! Thanks to you and the family for allowing us this peak into their lives! Saying prayers for a speedy recovery!!

alicia: Wow! He is so cute. What an amazing little story, thanks for sharing.

Adrienne: Wow! What a mighty little warrior!

Reyna: this amazing! I love how you captured his eyes! Best of luck to Mason and his family

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