Willow {Redlands Newborn Photography}

September 5, 2012

My good friend and wickedly talented photographer friend Gina Lee had a baby in July. Not only is Gina a talented photographer, but she is an amazing party planner (I will get around to blogging her baby shower photos one day). I stopped by for a visit about a week after sweet Willow was born and brought my camera along. ;) Before Gina was my friend, I just admired her work from afar. She is such an inspiration! So there was a little pressure taking photos of her newborn daughter now! Willow joins her 2 older siblings who are seriously just as adorable as her. Congrats again, Gina and fam!

Here is a peek of my morning at the Lee’s.









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Share and Enjoy:

Luz: I have been patiently wtiaing to see the baby bump and finally get to see it in the most creative way. Love the picture of big sister playing telephone with her brother and sister. Great pictures ! <3

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Novi: Ashley & Ronnie Pohlmann - Jackie, thank you so much for capturing these pruioces moments in our children's lives. We just love the way you were able to catch them expressing their little personalities and allowing them to just be . I am a picture fanatic with my babies and my only regret is not coming to you sooner. We will see you in late November/early December when you capture more memories for us with the newest and final addition to our family. I could not be more pleased

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